Saturday, June 18, 2011

She Dances

She really does.  After only four dance classes Zion had her first recital.  I had no idea when I signed her up that the yearly recital was coming up so soon.  We jumped in to the dance scene with both feet I guess.  Not that Zion has seemed to mind.  She was all smiles waiting for the recital to begin.  (You’ll notice that she has dark streaks in her wig now but not later, we cut them out.  The mom who bought the wigs didn’t know about the streaks, they had to go.)


Taking the stage.  (Which is actually the big gym at the YMCA where we take classes.)



She is Big, Blond and Beautiful.



In between performances the girls took possession of a racket ball court for pizza and activities.  When I asked later what Zion’s favorite part of the recital was she said “Pizza!  And the not-dancing part.”  I laughed and asked if she liked the dancing part and she said she did so that’s reassuring. 

ZionDance4I did inform her that not every recital has pizza and not-dancing parts just to prepare her for later years.  I’m pretty sure the only reason why the Y provided pizza was because they screwed up ticket sales and were forced to add a second performance.  It was nice of them to feed the girls though. :)

Zion had to show everybody, some people twice, her new glittery pink box that we got to put her new make up in.  I have told her at least a dozen times that the make up is only for recitals.  We’ll see how long that lasts.



Afterward I gave her a rose (that Rob was kind enough to go fetch after he and the boys sat through the first performance so that I could stay for the second).  It was hard to get a picture of her with it in it though.  She was, as she often is, almost too flamboyant to capture on film.



We arrived at the Y at 3 and left at almost 7:30.  I zoomed us through the McD’s drive through and let her choose a treat.  She picked fries and a strawberry banana smoothie.  Right at the moment I took the picture she had the realization that guzzling a smoothie gives one a nasty frozen headache.  Don’t worry, she survived.



Here is a video of the second performance.  It is awful, I’m sorry.  In order to see AT ALL I had to stand on the top row of the bleachers and videotape from over my head.  Not only could I not really see what I was taping but I kept losing my balance.  Though I wish I’d gotten a video of the first performance where things went perfectly this one is funny.  At the end Zion lets her teacher know exactly how she feels about that darn wig.

Zion Dances.

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Cedar said...

Very cute! Glad she survived it all!