Monday, June 13, 2011

BIG News!

We got a Big Toy! 

Is that not what you were expecting?  Well, it’s big news for us anyway.  It just made our back yard a whole heckuvalot cooler.  The kids are completely smitten with it, the weather hasn’t been the best since it was put in but we can still hardly get them off it.  It is rather cool I admit.  I tested the slide and the swings.  You know, just to make sure they’re safe.

Even though it looked like this…


…when the guy was installing the thing Gideon and Zion (Gabe was at school) insisted on staying outside to watch, even having their lunch on the patio swing.


I weeded the rose bed for a while…


And I let Elias play in the grass but then it got too cold for us.  About two minutes after the guy finished it started to rain.  Zion had just enough time to go down the slide once and that was it.

But the next day…


…and ever since then the kids and the toy have been nearly inseparable.  And why not?  It has two regular swings and a baby bucket swing and a great slide and picnic table (which can come out) and a hanging bar…


…and binoculars.


The summer is looking a whole lot funner.  Smile

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