Saturday, June 25, 2011

He’s One!

I can’t believe it, can you?  Wow.  One year ago this week we were still wondering how this birth was going to happen.  Natural labor?  Induction?  C-section?  Well, if you were around back then you may recall we opted, for safety reasons, for the c-section as heartbreaking as that was for me.

So one year ago today we checked in to the hospital and only a few hours later we discovered that our little one was an Elias Robert and not a Hosannah Claire putting to rest the whole “is it a boy or girl” question.  He was big and healthy and has been a joy ever since.


We were meant to have a birthday party for him today but Gabe puked yesterday.  While he seemed to recover completely after a good nap (and a corn dog for dinner, what kind of crazy person eats a corn dog the same day they’ve thrown up – yuck!) I didn’t want to risk getting any guests sick so we rescheduled for next week.

Instead I got to have a fasting blood draw this morning – yippee!  Then we went out for breakfast and did a little shopping.  After we got home the sun had come out so I took a few pictures of my birthday boy.


He would, not surprisingly, have nothing to do with sitting still for a picture so most of my shots are of his backside as he crawls away.  Elias is not one to sit still for anything.  He does love to drive a toy car and make vroom noises.  He loves to be bounced on your lap and dangled upside down.  He loves to figure out ways to escape around a baby and sneak a handful of cat food.  And oh how we love him!

Edited to add:

We had a fun time at dinner.  Elias got his first taste of pasta and Rob made a fantastic dessert in lieu of cake.  In fact, I might have like it better than cake.  We sang Happy Birthday to Elias which he thought was hilarious for some reason.  Then we played outside to burn off some of those calories.  A great end to my baby’s birthday.


Here’s the videos I got.  Sadly, I’m still getting used to my new camera and hit a button while I was recording our singing and it stopped recording.  Sad smile  So I got two videos of our sing, or attempting to, and one of him enjoying his treat.

Starting the song.

While we were singing I loved to see how much he enjoyed it.  He seemed to immediately recognize we were singing for him, just look at his face, and he kept laughing while he watched Rob bring his treat.  I also love how much the other kids enjoyed singing TO him.

Finishing the song.


Enjoying his treat.

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