Saturday, January 26, 2013

TnT’s New House

Time for a Titus and Tru update.  They are doing great.  Titus is huge and mellow and Trulea is huge and dramatic.  Typical girl.  LOL  But sweet as pie and they have a new home!  Here with us still of course but my dad was able to make enough progress on their area of the barn that they got to move in last night.  Their new sleeping area is in what used to be an office.  Yes, an office in the barn.  One of the many modifications by a previous owner that didn’t suit our own purpose but we’re making progress on alterations and this was a big one.  We really needed a space for the dogs so that they could be with the goats 24/7.  As it was we had to house them in the kennel in an area where they couldn’t hear or see the goats or interact with them at all.  During the day, if it was nice (ask me how many days that is here in WA) they could go to their pen inside the goat enclosure but it offered no shelter except for a doghouse they are quickly growing out of and we had to move them back and forth a couple of times a day. 

So my dad cut and framed a door in the office and fashioned a half wall and gate from found objects around the property and in the barn.  Now the dogs have a “room” with access to the outdoors 24/7.  The room is across the hall from the goats’ stall and the door leads out to their pen.  It was heaven today to not have to hustle them about and midday when it started to rain to not have to rush outside and move them to where they can have shelter.  Yes!







Trulea took to it right away.  She loved it and bounded inside and outside and back in again.  The blue thing is one of the kids’ old pools that got a hole, now it’s a dog bed.  :) 

Titus on the other hand didn’t like the feel of the floor, it scared him, and he went directly outside and refused to come back in.  He REALLY wanted to though, he lay down just outside with his head on his paws, the most pathetic look on his face, and commenced to whine sadly.  Very sadly.  Poor sad boy.  Later I convinced him to come in but he turned as quickly as he could and left again.  *sigh*  He has, in fact, never been inside a building before and never felt anything under his feet but grass and dirt.  So I covered the floor with the same shavings I used in the kennel and by morning he was coming inside just fine.









Tru did her darndest to convince him to some inside, she tried to show him it was fine, barked her encouragement, she’s a good sis.









Here’s it is with nice clean shavings.  A good warm place for a guardian dog to sleep.









Here is the view from the barn hall, the office door opens and half the room is for Titus and Tru and the other half is still suitable for storage.  It’s not much but it makes me a happy girl. 

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