Sunday, January 13, 2013


We have been in the house since the last weekend of May.  Unpacking is still going on.  Balancing unpacking with the kids, normal household to-dos and all the new outside chores has been a trick.  Once the necessities were unpacked I kind of lost interest.  LOL  I am one of those folks who, when faced by a lot of visual chaos, will retreat out of shear overhwelmedness (I know that’s a word because I just made it up).  So it takes a real mood to tackle a lot of the organizing projects around here.  And of course then my time is just so short so finishing ANYTHING even with a bug to get it done takes ten times as long as it should.


Anyway.  All that build up just to say that I worked on the playroom today.  AKA the basement.  But that sounds so dark and awful.

Here’s the before pic:









Yes it’s messy but also, there’s still some boxes and the toys never got organized and I’ve realized I don’t want the futon in that corner after all or my craft cabinet where it is (you can *just* see the edge of it on the left).

Here’s the after:









I moved the futon, it is Jeremiah approved now, and the toy rack is now in that corner with the Cars rug and Little People buildings and the dress-up chest is accessible now (the gas stove is in the way).  There is a lot of this room that you can’t see in the picture, it’s a huge L-shaped room. Behind me is one leg of the L and my craft cabinet and the kids’ reading hut and bookshelves.  Just to the left in this room is the Lego desk and closet with all the games and puzzles. 

The carpet is still hideous but at least it’s clean and the walls need color to make it fun and more inviting but at least we’re making progress!

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