Sunday, March 10, 2013

Things Are Jumpin’

We’ve been blessed with some days of sun lately and, wow, it’s been shear bliss.  Like this:


See what I mean?

That’s how we’ve all been feeling.

Yesterday was particularly nice.  My dad was able to come for a little while and we got the fence extended for the dogs to give them more space in their run. The goats have a little less room but they had quite a bit to begin with and they can make a little sacrifice for their personal body guards. 

They seem to like it:


Don’tcha think?

While we were working on this the kids were in their swimsuits having a water gun fight. No really.  Yes, they’re crazy.

Then my dad had to go and after feeding everyone lunch and putting Elias down for nap I went back to work.  This time on finishing out a section of the dog kennel for the rabbits to move in to.  Their current wasn’t working out and I wanted to give them a bigger space.


More happy critters.  They have a solid floor so they can’t dig out and nothing can dig in. 

Enough projects for this day.  This morning I woke up to rain.  Wah!  What a bummer.  I really needed that sun for just one more day!  I needed to wash up the brooder box and let it dry in the sun, we’re getting more chicks on Friday.  tee hee

Alas, I’ll have to cross my fingers for a dry day sometime before then.  Gideon had a fever today so it meant no church for us either, can’t even split up since Rob is out of town and won’t be back until late tonight.  Then it hit me.

I have this box sitting around that I bought for a project and it would make the perfect item to organize my garden ideas in.  So I got took my outdoor project hat off and put my craft project hat on and voila! a month by month garden box:


I slip the packets of seeds that I’ll plant in the month section and write my to-do list for the month on the divider itself.  There’s a miscellaneous section and a dreams section, of course!  I’m sure it will evolve and grow as I figure out what I’m doing.  Now I’m looking forward to Spring more than ever!

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