Monday, June 11, 2012

We Moved

It’s as simple as that.  In a whirlwind things seem to happen at record speed toward the end and we are in our new house.  We are surrounded by piles of boxes but it already feels like home.  And in the last couple of weeks I have had many firsts, I have collected eggs from my very own chickens (the sellers left 4 hens and a rooster so even though the chicks we bought aren’t laying yet we do have eggs), I used a weed whacker and drove a riding lawnmower.

It’s also been gross and rainy and I recognized right away that I also needed my very first pair of barn and garden boots.  Don’t ask me how I managed to grow up in Washington without ever having a pair of rubber boots but I did. I did find some cute one for my first pair:


The kids are absolutely in heaven.  4+ acres on which to run around.  The first morning we woke up in the house Zion, Gabe and I walked out to see if there were any eggs left for us yet, as we opened the gate on the run Zion says “Can you *believe* we live here?!”  Nope, sweetie, I almost can’t.  It is certainly a dream come true for me.

So now you know that if you aren’t seeing blog posts from me that I’m still unpacking.  And collecting eggs.  And cleaning the chicken coop.  And mowing the lawn (what do you call it when it’s FOUR acres?)  And taking pictures of my chickens eating spaghetti.


I wanted to name the rooster Elvis but I got outvoted when Gabe suggested “Brewster”.  Pft.  Whatev.  OK, I admit, it’s a really cute name for a rooster.

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Marfa said...

Are those chickens really the same ones that we chicks in April? If so, they've grown SO fast...amazing! ♥