Sunday, April 29, 2012


So here’s the thing.  We’ve had a lot going on lately.  Lots of changes.  The biggest one being that we’ll be moving soon. This house was never one that we wanted to stay in, we were rather stuck here though. We bought right at the peak of the market because Rob’s employer transferred us here.  We left a small property where we had goats, who we had to find homes for, and lots of dreams of chickens and horses and gardens.

Then right after we bought the market crashed.  Over the next few years the value of our home dropped tens of thousands annually.  *weep*

But then we hit this miraculous balance of having our loan paid off, an inheritance from my father-in-law and a property I’ve been drooling over since we moved here six years ago suddenly having a for sale in front.

I KNOW in my mind that it’s not ours yet and during the sale of a home many things can happen to make the deal fall through but I feel so peaceful about the whole thing that I can only think that God had this planned all along.

I feel secure enough that everything is going to work out that Rob and I went out and bought half a dozen chicks on Friday.  LOL  The new house has a few acres and already has a chicken coop.  I just couldn’t help myself.  They will be nearly old enough to live outdoors about the time we move. 

I have been reading up like made about chickens, gardens and homesteading in general.  Based on availability and my research on personality we chose to buy two Black Austrolorps and two Ameraucanas.  I wanted two Silky Bantams as well but the feed store only had “Assorted” Bantams with no guarantee of breed.  They were also straight run (meaning their gender is unknown).  I was caught up in the moment and thought “Why not?” so we got two of those as well.  Later, at bedtime we prayed that off all our chicks that if any turned out to be a rooster there would be only one.  LOL

On Friday of this week I’m heading off to another location to pick up, hopefully, a pair of Buff Orpingtons and Delawares.  In a few months we’ll have eggs abundant on our little farm.

All that talk, and what a change of topics from the blog previously, and no pics.  What?  That’s simply unaccapteble.  So here you go.  Pics of the chicks from today.


The girls (hoping anyway) are:

Top row left to right: Music and Fluffster (can you tell the kids helped name them)

Middle row left to right: Lucille and Louise

Bottom row left to right: Rio and Sophia

Real quick before I sign off, sorry for the dead air for a while.  I bought a new laptop and had a dickens of a time get my blog writer to work on it.  Now it does and with all the fun changes coming up I hope to be on a lot more letting you all know how things are going.


The Johnsons said...

Yay! Chickens! What a stylish group! They did great for their photo shoot!

Marfa said...

Such wonderful pictures!!!