Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Sweetie

Yes, he can be sour but then he's sweet. Mostly he's sweet. Tonight was a prime example. We were at Target waiting at the pharmacy counter. Rob was pushing the cart with Elias in his carrier in the basket and the other kids goofing off on the ground. Zion asked to sit in the cart so I hefted her in and we went to move on with our shopping. Gideon didn't see Zion in the cart and about half way down the aisle thought we must have been leaving her behind so he turned around and ran back shouting "Zion ... where are you?!" It was so, so, so cute.

He is also amazingly tender toward Elias bringing him toys or his pacifier or bottle if he fusses. I admit to having concern over how Gideon would handle not being the baby any more, especially since he tends to be very attached to me, but after the first couple of weeks things have just been getting better and better.

Watching my children grow in their care for each other is one of the best parts of being a mom. It's great to watch them play and enjoy each other that way but even better is when one of them demonstrates a real concern for one of the others and acts on it. It is so rewarding.

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