Monday, March 29, 2010

I've Been Sick

... again. Ugh. But, again, it was short lived thanks to a lot of Emergen-C and extra vitamin D but just when I thought I was doing so good blogging more. Anyway, we did get to get outside a bit last weekend (wait, I guess now it was the weekend before that).

First, Gabe, Zion and I pulled the dead flowers out of our little planter and put in some new pansies and white allisium (my favorite because it smells SO wonderful). I wanted to put in petunias like last year but I couldn't find them, they must not be available yet. Then again, the kids are really excited to be planting pumpkins and sunflowers and this is the only place we have for planting. So, I guess this will be a flower and vegetable patch this year. :)

Newly "plowed" ground. My grandma's stepping stone is there for her and the pansies are there for my mom.

Then the kids moved on to "helping" Rob change the sand in the sand box. When you have a sand box and the lid is occasionally left off, or blown off by a strong wind, and you have cats, well... you change the sand often.

Gideon's job is hazard detector. He goes out in to the yard and finds the water hazards, if there is a teaspoon of water to be found he'll find it. My own personal dowser if you will. While he can't drown in most of the quantities that he finds but he can successfully make more laundry at lightning speed and wet down shoes that need to dry for days before they can be worn again (and he just doesn't have that many shoes) and fill the dog's water bucket with dirt and weeds forcing us to refill it pretty much any time he plays outside.

And then we all go in and eat like horses because there's something about being outside that builds a huge appetite and nothing ever tastes so good as food then.

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