Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oh My Word!

There simply isn't a word that I can think of that describes how excited Gideon gets in his swim class. We started the latest swim session on Tuesday. Gideon and Zion are both in the same parent/child swim class and Gabe has his class at the same time, other end of the pool so all five of us are in the pool at the same time. How fun is that?!

OK, so I thought it would be fun but wasn't certain it would be fun when I planned it. After all, Gideon has never been in a pool like that before. Sure, he has fun in the tub but you know how kids can be. A pool that large can seem very intimidating and scary to a baby. This pool has steps that go down into the water. I had Gideon on one hip and was walking holding Zion's hand until it got too deep for her and I lifted her to the other hip (Rob was taking Gabe to his teacher so he was meeting us in the water later). The moment Gideon's toes hit the water he started laughing. The second his hands could reach the water he started splashing and laughing. It only got better after that. Everything in class made him laugh. He doesn't mind going to the teacher for "motor boat" or coming back. He loves playing with the noodle. Today I think his squeals of delight could have been heard outside the building when we were playing with the ball. He did NOT want to share even though it was a circle time game. He is getting really adept at getting in the pool from sitting on the edge and can almost climb out of the pool on his own. In today's class he took every opportunity available to put his face in the water. It may end up being that this kid learns to swim before he learns to walk.

Before we hit swim class tonight we hit the local county fair. I almost enjoyed it better than the larger fair we kit every where simply because it was so much smaller. Spacious even. Not overcrowded, not crazy busy. We didn't see EVERY single there because we did have to get to the swim class but we saw enough. Zion got to ride on her first carnival rides and LOVED it! Tonight I asked the kids what their favorite part of the day was. Gabe said it was teaching Daddy how to play Paper Mario on the Wii. Zion said her's was riding on the "sycomotos" (motorcycles) - one of the rides she got to do at the fair. We shared corn dogs, a hamburger, garlic fries, licorice, apple kueleg (I have no idea if I spelled that right) and a ton of lemonade. There was a lemonade vendor that had $1.50 refills. Yeah. Can you believe it? I think they lost money on our family. It was also military day and "family day" so we got in for free. Sa-weet!

It was a fabulous day! The only damper on our sunshine, well, except for the fact that there wasn't really any sun (a relief actually!) was that my kitty Spot is still not doing well. She won't eat or drink. She hardly moves off the towel bed that I made for her. She prefers to stay in our bedroom closet. I have litter box for her there and bowls with water and food, which she ignores. Today I picked up the supplies to give her sub-q fluids at home. I also got a tube of NutriCal which is a high calorie vitamin paste. I'm hoping that a few more days of rest, fluids and some calories will get her eating and drinking again. Hoping.

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Marfa said...

How cool that he loves his swimming lessons...that's a good sign!

So glad Rob is home and all is going so well...poor lil kitty...hope she is better soon!